The Contractor warrants that the equipment is free from defects in connection with substandard spare parts or improper repairs.
 Starting from the date of purchase, you are entitled to the warranty service of this product.
 In the event of a product failure, you should contact the service center responsible for guaranteeing this product.
Rules for the operation of components
 Installed components should be used in a clean, dry room. The equipment must be grounded. Installation of components must be carried out by qualified specialists. Accessories must not be mechanically damaged.
Return and exchange
All goods purchased in our store are subject to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", which came into force on January 13, 2006. According to Article 9 of the Law, the goods of good quality (without defects) can be exchanged or returned to the store within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase, if the following conditions are met:
there are all documents for the goods (instructions, warranty card, receipt or goods receipt confirming the purchase);
the presentation is saved, i. all labels, packaging, stickers and other accessories of the goods remained unchanged;
commodity unused.
Return of goods in the city of Kiev or Odessa is held in our offices whose addresses you can find in contacts. If you find something else, then the goods can be returned with the help of carrier services, such as New Mail. In the case of a return of the goods of proper quality, the customer returns the full value of the goods, excluding transportation costs.
Warranty conditions
1. This warranty is valid subject to the following conditions:
- correct and accurate filling of the warranty card with the serial number of the product, the date of purchase, clear seals;
- the product is operated according to the technical requirements described in the operating instructions.
2. In warranty repair, the product is received in an unbroken state without physical damage.
3. Warranty service is not carried out due to:
- if the warranty card is not presented;
- if the product serial number is deleted, erased or modified;
- damage to the body, seals and stickers;
- the presence of mechanical damage;
- incorrect transportation of the product;
- if the defect is caused by ingress of foreign objects, liquids, the presence of insects;
- if the defect has arisen as a result of deliberate or erroneous actions of the consumer, outside interference, self-repair,
making changes in the design of the product;
 - damage caused by the use of non-standard or incompatible spare parts, components and components, as well as when using
non-original components (not manufactured by equipment manufacturers);
- if the defect occurred as a result of the consumer's non-compliance with the rules of operation, use of the product for other purposes;
 - thermal and mechanical damage caused by non-compliance with technical standards and norms of feeders, telecommunications,
cable networks, voltage drops in the network.
4. The guarantee does not cover:
- Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts with their natural wear and tear;
 - chips that are responsible for the operation of peripheral equipment (video input, video output, SATA, connection connectors, etc.), external motherboard ports, their
  must be checked directly upon receipt; Matrix connection connectors.
- repair of the drive caused by a blast in the device;
 - consumables, batteries (batteries, accumulators) and other products having
limited period of operation;
 - software and information on the client's laptop (s).